live with no regrets

you're fine exactly as you are.
your curves, words, flaws, strengths, thoughts.
you don't need to change.
you aren't ugly, fat, stupid, or worthless.
you are you.

if you ever need anything, i'm here <3

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Saturn and Her Moon’s Tethys &amp; Mimas
This image was taken by the Cassini space probe that is currently orbiting Saturn. Two of Saturn’s moons are visible in this image. Tethys can be seen below the rings and a shadow is cast on Saturn’s disk by Mimas.
Credit: NASA/JPL/SSI/Alson Wong
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  • Anonymous asked : I am glad to hear that! I wish you nothing but happiness in your life. You truly deserve it.

    Aww, thank you! I wish the same to you! :)

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  • Anonymous asked : after reading half of the stuff that is on your wall i have come to the conclusion that you are a pretty amazing person. I have never met you but from what i see you're a one of a kind and unique individual. You are very pretty and i am sure you have a wonderful future ahead of you. Anyone who ever would get a chance with you must be lucky!

    You are so incredibly sweet :) Thank you so much! It truly means a lot to me, really :)

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